Simple blockchain solution for emerging market of 1.3trillion consumer spending

Trendercoin is a digital asset for enabling easy access to cryptocurrency economy with minimal fee in the emerging markets.

The Problem

 There is rate difference of additional 10% to 70% on cryptocurrencies in Asian market and  emerging markets of $1.3 trillion consumer spending in Africa. This is as a result of increase in demand for cryptocurrencies matched with limited access to cryptocurrency economy due to high exchange rate and fees.

Lack of easy access, expensive rate and fees leave the majority of this market out of the cryptocurrency economy.

The demand for cryptocurrencies is rapidly increasing and daily trade volume is in multi million dollars which could be billion dollar daily trade with easy access and lower fees.

The Solution and Arbitrage Opportunity

Trendercoin will be available for purchase in local currencies to hold or for instant exchange to other cryptocurrencies on Trendercoin exchange.  This solution will create arbitrage opportunities and give emerging market massive access to the cryptocurrency economy with significant lower rates.

The launch of trendercoin exchange will skyrocket the demand for trendercoin and increase value exponentially. As trendercoin will serve as the bridge between ever increasing demand for cryptocurrencies and easy and affordable access.


Trendercoin and trender projects are backed by community proposals that are aimed at enabling massive adoption of trendercoin and integration of decentralized application (DAPP) for millennials in emerging market and globally making up 3.7 Billion of global population, the major driver of global economy by 2020.

Simple blockchain solutions
for millennials and real world problems


Fiat and SMS Payment Integration

Fiat currency and SMS protocol integration to enable sending and receiving trendercoin by text. And widen trendercoin users reach with more use cases beyond internet access.

Energy Infrastructure Integration

Partnership with energy companies for infrastructure integration, enabling these millennials easy access to power their daily lives.

Music Streaming and Events App

Launching app, a decentralized music and event tickets distribution platform on blockchain with no platform fee and 100% control over fund by artistes and event managers.

Decentralized Power Project

Trender Foundation will bring renewable energy to blockchain by launching a P2P renewable power investment and trading platform.



We believe that the economy works best when it works for everyone...


Dec 2016:

  • Trender Event Maiden Edition
  • Blockchain concept development.

August 2017:

  • Trender Foundation Website Launch.

September 2017:

  • Whitepaper draft
  • Token creation Strategy development.

October 2017:

  • Trendercoin Announcement
  • Partnerships

November 2017:

  • Beta Exchange launch
  • Press release

December 2017:

  • Team expansion
  • Trender Events Strategy
  • Trenders Meetup
  • Whitepaper 2.0 release
  • Exchange Listing

2018 Q1:

  • Initial Bounty Campaign
  • Fiat exchange integration
  • Official Exchange Launch
  • Press Conferences
  • Partnerships outreach

2018 Q2:

  • DAPP release
  • SMS protocol integration
  • Six months trender event tour starts.

2018 Q3:

  • Reward program
  • More App Features  

2018 Q4:

  • Alternative power company outreach

2019 Q1:

  • Decentralized power platform launch

  • Module integration

2019 Q2:

  • Decentralized Power Generation Project

2019 Q3:

  • Roadmap review

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About us

We are a team of  dedicated professionals and experts with combined experience in blockchain, media, digital services, renewable energy, events and music publishing. 

Our mission

To create tools for blockchain and cryptocurrency economy massive adoption by millennials.

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